baby courtney love.

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I use to really like Taylor Momsen. When I say use to, I mean Gossip Girl's first season use to, not this watered down Courtney Love version. She use to be sweet and innocent, but still with a bit of edge. Kind of like Holly Golightly with a razor. Her first shots as a big time model for IMG were amazing, they gave me hope, I liked even her more. Something has happened between June of last year and now, because in my opinion (I have those sometimes) Taylor has done a complete turn around and turned into a Baby Courtney Love.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, I actually think the baby mullet she sported last season on GG and red lipstick looked rather nice on her; what confuses me is the fact that she's only 16 and emulating someone whose...older and dresses rather mature (sorry Courtney, I still love you tons). She looks older than my actual age; the garter belt, the thigh high stockings, the over sized button up, and the disheveled hair all facts pointing to the Book of Rocker Chicks Gone Array.

Plus I think she's become a little snotty as she's become popular. Her quote in the last issue of Teen Vogue where she stated that she doesn't need college because she's "an artist" and won't need stupid things like trigonometry annoyed me a little. You can be successful as an artist and still take the time to get an education. Just ask Natalie Portman, Julia Stiles, and Emma Watson. [fashioncopious]

PS. If she can dress like this without anyone giving her hell, people shouldn't talk garbage about Miley Cyrus. Seriously.


  1. amen to that. i was rather pissed off with that interview, i felt actually that she was insulting artists. artist is not synonym of lack of math or any other form of science in their lives, it was the stupidest thing for her to say.and the sort of "good outfits" she's been sporting on GG set are (i'm almost 100% sure) thanks to GG's stylists not her amazingly developed brain that does not need trigonometry :)

  2. i totally agree C! i'm just wondering what the hell her parents are thinking. sorry to get all grown up on her behind, but good LORD!


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