ashish spring 2010.

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Sequins to Ashish Gupta are what air is to those of us breathing on a regular basis: their essential to life. He creates the most ridiculously loud and obnoxious clothing I can only pull off in my dreams, but that doesn't make me love the designer and his label any less. His Spring collection was based around tourism, although the Nike influence does have me thrown a bit. Not sure what that has to do with tourism. It would have been amazing to see a I ♥ NYC shirt!

This just reminds me of how much I wanted his leopard print green and pink sequined harem pants from his Fall/Winter 09 collection REALLY bad. Seeing as the global economy is going to shit, people are still losing their jobs, oh yea, and the fact that I'm POOR, the chances of me even touching them is rather slim.

But that Just Do It shirt WILL BE MINE. Mark my words!


  1. LOVE. totally baffed by Nike influence but i love it!

  2. Agreed-- where did that come from? Don't care, LOVE IT!

  3. @NIC-KIA o thanks doll, I appreciate that!


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