places i need to eat when in nyc: fatty crab.

I'm a huge fan of food. No one can ever say I'm one of those girls that don't like to eat, because that is a lie that will never be true. Aside from the Food Network being one of my favorite channels of meaningless television to watch, and counting Paula Dean as someone who I'd like to be friends with, I also really love reading food and restaurant guides. There are so many amazing blogs out there totally dedicated to experimenting with various cultural eateries. One of my favorites Bionic Bites recently reviewed a restaurant in New York called Fatty Crab.

The cool thing about Fatty Crab, besides it's laid back atmosphere is that you can act like a 4 year old child and eat everything with your hands. Knives and forks aren't permitted, and sharing is definitely encouraged. All entrees are meant to be shared and come out as they're ready. Just imagine a table with a couple of friends and tons of food. Perfect.

I'm making a list of places I want to eat with my friend Katya when I visit/intern/probably stay forever in New York this January, with Fatty Crab is right at the top of that list. Anyone know any other delicious places to dine or snack in NYC? Put it in the comments so it can go on my list!


  1. Fatty Crab is SUPER delicious! When you come to NY we'll have to get dinner-- I know tons of places you'll love!


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