(BOY) by band of outsiders: fall 2009.

If you read this blog by now you should know 3 things: 1) Michelle Obama and I were meant to be BFF's 2) It's a life long goal of mine to be able to touch (Ok be within 10 feet) Riccardo Tisci and graze his shirt or something, and 3) I'm absolutely in love with mens wear inspired fashion. There's nothing like a nice blazer or a sturdy pair of oxfords to transform any look, or any of my many moods. (BOY) by Band of Outsider is a big favorite of mine. I'm especially in love with the way they've been presenting their look books recently.

In the same fashion as their Spring 09 collection featuring Sarah Silvermen, this upcoming season is brought to us in a series of pictures using the timeless Polaroid camera, and featuring Marisa Tomei. Apparently none of the pictures are retouched, and there wasn't any makeup or hair teasing involved. It really allows the clothing, and the beauty of Tomei to shine through. I can't wait to get my hands on tuxedo jacket with the coat tails. Yays!

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  1. Love this... Boy is one of my favorites too!


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