don't call it a comeback. (crackheads need love too).

I have a thing for all the down trodden, the heavy hearted, the crackheads of the world. Especially celebrity crackheads. My Dad use to always tell my siblings and I that people live for the rise, and live for the fall. I never really understood this until I got into adulthood. People really enjoy rooting for the underdog, but once the underdog gets to the top they live to see that person fall flat on their ass.

Michael Jackson was probably the biggest case in this unfortunate flaw in human nature. People loved and embraced his music as a child, they even threw him a bit of a bone once he got to that awkward acne filled prepubescent period, but once he got to be an adult and the flaws started to show, they cut his behind quicker than you can say mama-se-mama-saw-mamacousa.

I think that's why I have a soft spot in my heart for the celebrity crackheads of the world, especially those who have had such a profound part of my childhood. I feel bad for them. I know how it can be to have the people who puff you up on the regular be the same ones that laugh in your face when you trip and fall. Britney Spears and Whitney Houston are all at the top of my 'Crackheads Need Love Too' list, and Whitney is the reason for this post.

I tweeted earlier if anyone was excited to have Whitney back into the studio and en route to record what I hope will be another classic under her belt. More people than I originally thought would reply did, and the votes were unanimously in her favor to win. I'm rooting for you Whitney.

Just stay away from crack Ok?

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