Spencer Pratt is the White Jay Z?

Disclaimer: Please excuse the hatred that is coming from my mouth. I totally mean harm.

In a recent interview former Hills crackhead, I mean 'STAR', Spencer Pratt sat down with that station that use to be about music, I mean, MTV to discuss the idiot plan someone had to make him a rap star. Yes, you read that correct. RAP STAR. As in Biggie, Tupac, Public Enemy, Kanye West, and Jay Z for that matter. The controversial shit stain goes as far as to say that HE is the white Jay Z.
"I'm the white Jay-Z in the game. I'm doing the baller thing. I'm more for the streets."
If I could copy and past all the fuckery that he spewed in that attempt of an interview without getting in trouble I would, but for now please visit HERE to read the entire thing. It's demeaning, disgusting, and down right SAD that this fool thinks he is the next great white hope. While legitimate lyricists are out here on the grind just to get even a fraction of the shine that this guy has for no reason at all, he's talking out the side of his mouth.

Word to the wise Spencer Pratt.
  • If you quote Gucci and Soulja Boy as the only rappers you look up to: there is something wrong.
  • If you even think about comparing yourself to Jay Z when he happens to be one of the greatest lyricists of our time: there is something wrong.
  • If you refer to yourself and your wife as the 'new age Biggie and Lil Kim': there is something wrong.
  • If you even THINK you want to go 'after the ringtone game': there is something wrong.
  • If you even dare to bring back the 'baller mentality' to the rap game, you are sadly mistaken. That went out in 1999 just like throw back jeresys and: there is something wrong.


  1. Parental Discretion is Advised...

    What the Fuck? I'm so disturbed the regular abbreviation would not do. Someone please shoot this guy in the head. Promise, you won't go to hell.... :-)


  2. ...smdh
    I'm afraid to listen to it
    he's so trash for this


  3. He and his "wife" are a huge act. They are doing the stupidest shit to gain attention and this most recent travesty is included. There is no way that anyone would buy into this shit, and he certainly does not believe that he is the white Jay Z. I hate to say this, but he and Heidi are actually smart in a way because they are exploiting everyone that writes,talks, or gives them any kind of attention whatsoever. As long as they are in the news for utter stupidity, they will win. People need to stop covering them or throw a grenade at them because they will not go away until we ignore them/throw a grenade at them. The more attention we give them, the more they are succeeding in the only way they know how. They are an act and we need to stop buying tickets...

  4. Anon is on to something.

  5. LOL, its takes some balls to say something so egregious like this. Its hella funny though. The sad thing is, he's going to make some money off of this. Guaranteed.


  6. lol, but hoenstly, "jay-z" isn't thee best lyricist.. Eminem is.


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