Lauren Conrad Looks Russian.

Now that Lauren Conrad is basically done with her popular reality show The Hills I guess she decided to reinvent herself with new hair. Dark hair. SHORT hair. I would actually like it if it was real. But alas...it is not.

The 20 something soon to be author (I know, I didn't think she could read either!), halfway designer, and all the way actress was working it out in this brown bobbed wig for a shoot with fashion magazine Harper's Baazar. In all honesty, I really like the entire look on LC. Makes her look very grown up and mature, a far cry from her always casual L.A. style. The color of the wig really makes her eyes pop. If she were to ever go dark permanently I think it would suit her, because Lord knows that flannel shirt, skinny jean, chunky heel thing she had going on during her Hills phase every single episode was killing me softly...

Do you like this new style on Lauren?


  1. LMAO You are too much,
    but yeah, I don't like it short it looks like its missing something, idk.


  2. Me likes. But for some reason she looks like a negro now. No? LOL

    And I would stay away from the bob. It ages her a little. But the color is a GO!

    And am I the only one that thinks Bazaar copied the SJP, hide me from the world, coloring from Sex & The City??? Where's the originality people???


  3. she looks stunning mann!

    super beautiful wow. amazing

  4. i really do. but then again i've always liked darker hair than lighter hair anyway.


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