solidarity is a bitch.

Solidarity is a mean hearted and evil little shit, whom I've never had to deal with personally. Now, I'm dealing with her head on. She's that fake friend that only comes around to laugh at you and kick you when your down.


Seeing as the economy sucks, and I have been without employment for a couple of weeks, I'm finding myself going a little stir crazy for attention. Never having been one who liked or even welcomed the incessant fawning of others, its a little more than weird that I'm finding myself searching through my phone looking for people to bother because I have nothing better to do than 'hang out'. What nonsense is this?!

At first I thought laying off the 9-5 for awhile would be good for me. I could catch up on reading, go running, see the sites, reconnect with old friends. NO! All it has been is a way for me to:

A: think WAY too much about my future.
B: decided how in GODS NAME I'm going to get there.
C: look around and see all the stuff that I haven't done and cry about it.
D: get FAT.

Well ladies, gents, and trannies, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Time to Get Off My Ass and do something. Do what? I have no idea, but anything is better than this. ANYTHING...

Cya at the top...

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  1. shit, I think about all these things on the days I'm NOT working. My 9-5 sorta sucks, but regardless, we all think bout 'em. You're not alone in this :]]
    keep that chin up.!


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