Give Respect Where it's Due.

I know that there are a lot of Rihanna fans all over the world. I happen to be one of them. I love her style (or whoever dresses her), her hair, and the confidence she exudes whenever we see her in the public eye. Even though I love love LOVE to look and see what RiRi wears everyday, I have the sense to know that she didn't get that style all by her lonesome.

In a recent New York Post blog, someone made the ignorant assumption that Kelis was jacking Rihanna's hair style. WRONG! If the author had paid attention to past pop culture, one would notice that Rihanna's entire style is derived from Kelis in many ways.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with mimicking someones style and making it your own. I think Rihanna has made rock n roll high fashion. But it makes me angry when people don't recognize where her inspiration comes from. People like Kelis, Grace Jones, Madonna, Courtney Love, and even Fefe Dobson have paved the way for Rihanna to dress the way she dresses and for it to be acceptable in the public eye.

One of my favorite quotes is "Don't get angry when people steal an original idea. If it's original you'll have to ram it down their throat..." Well Rihanna is not an original idea. She's a nice one, but not an original one. Kelis had to ram it down our throats, and Rihann is obviously benefiting from that.


  1. We all know Kelis lopped her hair off when Bossy came out a few years ago - long before Rihanna was even seen as a 'fashion icon'. She probably still had the long brown hair back in those days. I do love Rihanna too, I love her style - although I would say its more her stylists style than hers. Not too keen on her face though.

    Kelis is my #1

  2. Rihanna was still back in grade school in Barbados when Kelis was paving the way! Big fan of Princess Rhi Rhi, but Kelis takes the cake she is the true R&B style innovator of our generation.

  3. u tell them!! rhianna don't know about those before her!!

  4. ok!!!! finally someone said it...i was just about to blog about this myself...dang took the words right out of my mouth...i fucks with this blog..

    now follow me:


    if u aspire to be a dyme


    I've been saying this for eon's.


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