this is what i was waiting for? FAIL.

Last night on Twitter (because I never have anything better to do with my life) I noticed that one of the up and coming rappers I'm following (Wale), twitted that he had a crazy huge announcement to make tomorrow (meaning today) about his debut album.

Now I'm a pretty big fan of this guys music so I was moderately hyped for the news. Today I was at work checking my Twitter like a crack head trying to figure out what his big announcement was. Well here it is.
He announced to fans that next week he'll be making some more announcements. Does anyone else see the stupidity of this? Or am I all alone? Like WHO THE FUCK MAKES AN ANNOUNCEMENT THAT THEY'RE GOING TO BE MAKING AN ANNOUNCEMENT?! Forreal?! Are we that thirsty that he'd think his fans would pee their pants with delight upon receiving notice (ahem, the announcement) that he'll be giving us an announcement. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

And to top it off his announcements could be done all in one day. Way to illicit anticipation dude. Good job!

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  1. Might not even buy that dude's album now lol...

    thanks for the love on thefreshxpress, look forward to checking you out more and more.



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