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I've been trying out some new blog platforms recently. Here are my assessments:

1) Blogger: First and foremost in my heart seeing as this is the one and only blog I've had for about a year now. I've spilled my broken heart here, laughed, cried, been pissed off, and then somehow picked myself back up again. I just wish I'd get more hits/traffic and this platform supported more creativity.

2. OnSugar: A good idea at first, but it's super hard to learn and even harder to use. I got more traffic and creative features, so I guess you can't have everything you want. Visit my site there, here.

3. Wordpress: Hard to learn/use in my opinion and practically no creative features. So thats where I'll house my informal rants, instead of clogging up this place. If you want to hear me bitch & moan go here.

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