this book blows. no seriously, it blows...

So I was reading Jezebel a couple weeks ago and there was an article about a Ms. Jessica Cutler that caught my eye. Apparently this floozie (ahem, young woman) was an employee in some Senators office by day, and a FREAK in the sheets with everyone & their STD by night. Anyway, after getting caught blogging her skank-capades with her office computer, someone exposed her ass and put her on blast. Eventually she was fired from her job for 'improper use of Senate equipment' or something like that, and her sex life ended up on blogs everywhere. Boo.

So she did what every self respecting hoe (ahem, young lady) would do if her dirty laundry was put on blast. SHE WROTE A BOOK.

::side eye + blank stare combo::

Lets just say that this book is like Superhead's book but with fictional characters. O yea, and insert Senators and Chief of Staffs into the mix instead of Rappers.


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