sidekick syndrome...

Ok, so I happen to have very attractive friends.

This fact about my life has never bothered me. That is until I step out of my house and into this man infested pit of a world.

For example; last weekend I went out with a bunch of guy friends, their guy friends, and my one girl friend Taneeka who happens to be extremely gorgeous. Throughout the course of the night I got propositioned zero times, but Taneeka got TONS of props. Did this bother me? Not one bit, I'm not a jealous, psycho, nut job...what bothered me was that I was being used as a stepping stone to get to my attractive friend!

This is not the first time I've felt like a sidekick. No, on the contrary, I feel like this ALL THE TIME. Does it get old? YES. Am I tired of it? O YES. Will it ever end? WHO KNOWS. But one thing I do know, is that being the sidekick has made me a lot bolder and a lot blunter. I no longer play along with the game of: "O introduce me to your hot friend"...I now laugh and inform him that he can introduce himself. I no longer get down on myself because someone used me to get to a friend. When they approach me, I promptly tell them where the can go...to hell.

Yea yea yea, I get it...I'm not the object of desire for these douche bags, I know. But last time I checked I was 22 NOT 12 and playing the game of telephone went out of style just like Giga Pets and JNCO Jeans...

Yet I still find myself being used as a bridge between these men and my overly attractive friends.

Some advice for the fella's out there. DO NOT approach the friend of a really hot girl with the intentions of just tossing her aside when you get close to the really hot girl. It makes you look sneaky and really insecure. I do not want to be your stepping stone assbag. Don't treat me like one...

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