on the count of 3. please grow up.

things happen to me for a reason
things happen to other people for a reason

now if i could just figure out what the fuck the reason behind these 'things' are, i'll be fine.

but thats not the way life works. you see stuff happens to us, good & bad, and we're told that it's 'working towards our good'. hmmm, intriguing. isn't it annoying when these events occur and we have no idea why it happened or where it came from. especially when the event is less than exciting, like a bill out of no where or in extreme cases, a death in our family. why do things like the events i briefly described before appear out of thin air. is there a way to prevent them, or are unfortunate occurrences just something that happen in this maze called life?

i'd really like the opportunity to understand and analyze why some things just happen for a reason. and I'd really like it if the person who came up with that idiotic quote, jump in the muthafuggin hudson. jerk.

this may not make sense to some. but it makes complete sense to me. and that my friends, is all that matters...

g'day mate!

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