love it or hate it the underdog's on top.

I haven't been around for awhile...
& trust me when I tell you, nothing life altering has changed.

Which is something I'm not quite use too. Ever since I made the decision to transfer back home and finish school, my life has been drama free. It's so funny how once we become use to all the bullshit going on in our lives, when it ceases to exist, things become weird for us and sometimes we go out and seek that chaos. Well I think I'm just about finish seeking the chaos because it has no place in my world anymore. And that feels so good...

Went to Columbus this weekend to visit KP & Dani with mis chica Booty Meat (bait!). I had a good time seeing them, I'm certainly going to miss that portion of Kent next year. Anyhoo, I achieved my goal and had one more big 'pissy drunk' night before it was time to grow up. Met some nice people & some cool swagtastic Iota's who I was a little sketchy about at first, but turned out to be pretty cool men. All in all it was a terrific weekend. Check the pics...

peace & love.

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