One thing I've never been able to wrap my mind around is the way my father leads his life, and the lack of appreciation he receives for being the wonderful person he is. Can someone say overworked & under-appreciated?

My father is my hero. Yes, we have a terrific relationship. No, we do not get along all the time (we get on each others nerves a lot), but there is no one on this earth I would rather have as a father and a best friend. He's truly one of a kind, and everyday I pray that I'm just like him...under-appreciated and all.

I've watched my Dad get the short end of so many sticks on my lifetime (yea, all 22 years). He's been mistreated by loved ones, put out of his way, pitied, and beat down so many times, but stuff like this never phases him. Yes, he gets discouraged sometimes (everyone does), but every moment of discouragement drives him the pick himself up, and keep going.

I admire my dad because he's never given up on me or my siblings. Even when we fuck up, he's always there to reprimand, pick us up off the ground, and encourage us to keep it moving towards our goal. I work for my father. I go to school for my father. I'm getting my degree(s) for my father. Why? Because I want him never to have to worry about anything ever again...

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