do the right thing dee...

For once I think I did the right thing.

For the most part, I'm the type of person that needs to announce if something or someone is out of order. Especially when it has something to do with me. I'm not the girl who's quiet & complacent. Sometimes I can seem that way, but most of the time I'm usually the one who needs to be vindicated.

Boy, have times changed.

Where once I was high strung, drama filled, loud & obnoxious, now I'm slowly allowing things to roll of my back. I'm not really concerned with the opinions others have about me. Once upon a time I cared...now...not so much. What people think or say about me is a matter of opinion, good or bad. I could care less about either one...

Today was the perfect example. I had a friend (HAD...ahem) who did something that really irritated me. I take that back. She's flat out untrustworthy. I can never be too sure that the things coming out of her mouth are really true. Anyway, she flat out played me, which is something that I have NEVER been able to suck up and move on from. When I'm played, you are gonna know that I know what it is, and how that shit will never happen again. So I got played & didn't respond to it like I'm sure a lot of people were expecting me too...with someone getting cussed the hell out. I instead did the complete opposite. I let it roll off my back.

There are some people we just don't need in our lives. I've learned that the people that keep shit going, are a prime example of the people I don't need in mine. As much as we may love or like them, a headache is not worth someone who keeps popping up stirring up trouble. I've got better shit to worry about, ya dig?

You know there's this quote that says something about a million people would love to see you fall & right now I don't think there is any other words that can describe the way I'm feeling. I think everyone has people that hate them, why should I be any different. I guess what I've gotta do now is not let the shit effect me so much, ya know? Try not to let it ruin my day or feel bad about someone disliking me. At the end of the day all I've got is myself anyway, right?

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  1. i truly agree about how there are some people who we just don't need in our lives. they don't serve anything other than a negative purpose, so there is ultimately no point of allowing someone to kill your spirit.

    enjoyed the read.


opinions are like assholes. leave it.

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