why i'm still single...

To anyone who knows me personally, it's pretty evident that I'm a blog-whore. Meaning that the majority of my breaks from life are taken by reading into the lives of other people through their personal blogs. I read just about any blog about any particular subject; nothing is safe from my eyes. One day during one of my many random adventures through cyberland, I found this sweet ass site/blog called 'The Fly Guy Chronicles' . In a nutshell its a love advice blog and since I've got 'sucker 4 love' practically tattooed on my forehead, it seemed like something I'd naturally gravitate towards. Boo.

On the blog, he's got this feature entitled 'Why I'm Single'. This lady wrote this long ass explanation about why she was single. It inspired me, so I'm gonna take a chance and create my own. Here goes nothin...

Why I'm Single. By D'Onna 'Sucka 4 Love' LeSean

I'm single, because I expect NOTHING but the best.
I'm single because sometimes my standards are a little to high.
I'm single because I'm also a huge cynic
I'm single because my heart and my head don't often communicate with each other, therefore sometimes my head gets in the way of something that could be wonderful for my heart.

I'm single because my father is my hero, and any man that comes anywhere near me has to measure up to him.
I'm single because I haven't found that 'head over heals/dreamy/seeing stars' type love that I read about in novels all the time. Don't gimme that shit like it doesn't exist because I know it does.

I'm single because I haven't found someone I can be myself with (my whole self)
I'm single because every time I think I've found love, something stupid happens.
I'm single because I'm still hung up on someone who doesn't love me the way I love them and I haven't yet been able to break away from this tragedy.

I'm single because everyone keeps telling me to lower my sky high standards.
I'm single because every time I meet someone I tear them apart to find a reason not to love them.
I'm single because I expect everyone else to except my flaws for what they are, but I'm not able to do that for others.

I'm single because thats the way that God would have me be at this present moment. And for some silly reason, thats quite alright with me...

Just a little something to watch. I'm also a poetry-whore...God I'm such a hoe ahahahahaha!


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