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Pro Nails - Kid Sister
Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Didn't I Tell You - Keyshia Cole

It's quite possible that I'm the coolest person you'll ever meet.
Yea I think thats a pretty sweet evaluation of myself. You see I'm done not recognizing my worth. There's a million and one things that I could correct in my life, it's true, but when you boil all that down and leave all the baggage at the door, what you see is what you get...and what you get is a pretty sweet ass chick with a million things wrong with her, but a BAZILLION things going right for her =).

I'm not one to toot my own horn, but there's just something in me today that wants to make it known how cool I really am. I've got a beautiful future ahead of me. I got my own shit. I pay my own bills. I'm nice to everyone because you never know who's gonna need a smile, and I love God more than anyone else. I love my Dad and my siblings. I recognize when I'm wrong and try to fix it. I love LIFE...There is nothing in this world I can't do...So why do people try to take that shine from me?

I'll never know, but for this time being I'm going to live my life like it's platinum because thats the only thing I can do. I don't like struggle and suffering, but I know that God causes those things to happen to us to make us stronger. You can't make a flower grow without a little rain, so I'm going to welcome the rain as a sign that God is growing me up, making me stronger, and weeding out all those flaws that are not like Him...

I love D'Onna LeSean more than anyone out here can. I'm so sweet it kills me lol. And I'm worth FAR more than the shit thats tossed my way. I'm worth more than the hurt and pain. I'm worth more than the circles I jump through sometimes...But I'll take those lemons and make lemonade, because each day the Lord grants me to be here is a gift, and another chance to get this stuff right. Thank You Jesus!

Loving me all day 365 days of the friggin year because I'm sweet as hell!
D'Onna LeSean

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