Fascination - Kem
Get it Together - India Arie
Sometimes U Make Me Smile - Floetry

"It was fascination, I know. And it might have ended, at the start. A passing glance, a brief romance. And I might have gone, on my way, empty-hearted, empty-hearted

It was fascination, I know. Seeing you under, the moonlight above, baby. And I touch your hand, and I kiss you and fascination, turned to love, baby. My fascination, turned to love..." -Kem (Fascination)

I haven't written in awhile because I haven't had much to write about. I still don't have very much to write about, but I figure if I have this blog, I may want to write in it from time to time. Can't keep my fans waiting, right? =)... Soooo this weekend was a freakin blast! I haven't had that much fun in a long long time, and it was much needed. Thanks definitely needs to go out to mis chicas Elli and Katya as well as my best friend Brandon and my boy Tom...even if he is a jerk...

I got a couple of surprise phone calls that kinda threw me off a little...I played phone tag with the boy and as much as my heart wanted to be in it and talk to him, my freakin head wouldn't let me do it. My horoscope Friday said that last time I listened to my heart and advised that this time I should listen to my head. Normally I don't take into account what my horoscope says, it's just something fun to look at every now and then, but for some reason this one stuck out a little more and spoke to the situation I'm in more than any other time...

I'm beginning to believe that fascination will lead us to do some really dumb shit. Like fall in love with people who obviously aren't in love with us. Fascination keeps our attention, and sometimes engages our heart to feel things our head tells us not to. It can be a good thing...and it can also be annoying bad. As for my situation, fascination began as something beautiful and has ended as something that is getting on my damn nerves. I'm tired of being fascinated with whatever is going on and I need something to take my mind off this crap I'm dealing with...

So, where do I go from here? Leave suggestions please =)

D'Onna LeSean

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