pinterest is ruining my life.

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I thought it might be a good time to get back into 'blogging' and what better way to do this than by discussing in length the ways in which Pinterest (follow me!) is ruining my life.

1) I have no time to blog because I'm too busy repinning anything that catches my eye on the front page of pinterest. Which means that I'm doing loads of clicking, because EVERYTHING CATCHES MY EYE.

2) I have no time to blog because I'm too busy planning out all the recipes I need to try NOW because the stupid pictures people post of food are making my mouth salivate something serious. No lie, all my friends are big fatties. Big hungry hippos who know that the way to my heart is totally through my mouth.......(pause?).

3) I have no time to blog because I'm too busy noticing how insufficient my clothing options are as of late. Who knew peplum was the next big thing, or that stacking JUST four bracelets was not enough and like, so last year? Not me.

4) I have no time to blog because I'm too busy planning for a wedding I'M NOT EVEN HAVING. It's madness! I've already decided what my invitations, 'save the dates', bridesmaid dresses will look like, AND WHAT MY GROOM WILL WEAR............WITHOUT HAVING A GROOM.

5) I have no time to blog because I'm too busy on Pinterest wasting all my time 'pinning' images. Which has caused me to notice that I am in desperate need of a life....

So follow me or something?


  1. The recipes on pinterest are a bit ridiculous. I only say this because I can never make it all the way down the page because I always find one that looks good, I click on it, and then I have to start all over when I come back!

    Wasting time- Yes.

  2. I understand your pain! I do not have a Pinterest account of my own, because I know as soon as I get one my grades are going to absolutely plummet. However, sometimes my roommate will leave hers up, and my guilty pleasure is browsing the site via her username. Not only does Pinterest remind me of how incredibly broke I am, it also never ceases to let me forget that I am just not handy enough with a piping-bag of frosting, or a hot-glue gun, or with making my own whimsical accessories.
    And yet, I really, really love it.

  3. Being a collge student who LOVES pinterest I completely agree with this post! Everytime I find myself sitting down to write a paper or do other homework on the computer, I immediately turn on Pinterest. Pinterest only makes me wish I could cook better, had a better wardrobe or was better at crafts. While I absolutely love looking at Pinterest, it only makes me depressed. There are so many adorable clothes & outfits that I will most likely never purchase (because I have no job or money), and recipes that I will most likely never cook (well, because I can't cook). Whoever thought of Pinterest was a genius because it really is a great form of social media, especially for college students who want another excuse not to do homework!

  4. I spend way too much time on Pinterest, too. It's okay. It's a pretty healthy addiction, as far as addictions go, right? It's part of being a Calgary college student, too! I've used it for homework before.

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  6. Pinterest is a never ending click void for all college students. I definitely feel your pain!


opinions are like assholes. leave it.

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