yiddish| # 10

I just re-read For Colored Girls.
And then I re-read it again.

[begin powerful poetic reference]
& now she stood a
reglar colored girl
fulla the same malice
livid indifference as a sistah
worn from supportin a wd be hornplayer
or waitin by the window
& they knew
& left in a hury
she wd gather her tinsel &
jewels from the tub
& laugh gayly or vengeful
she stored her silk roses by her bed
& when she finished writin
the account of her exploit in a diary
embroidered with lilies & moonstones
she placed the rose behind her ear
& cried herself to sleep. - Lady in Red
[end powerful poetic reference]

Haven't been able to bring myself to see the film yet, because I think it'll kill the magic of this body of work for me.
The play is just too amazing.
Maybe one day...

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