why didn't anyone think of this sooner?

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I hate Facebook.

I use to really enjoy it back in 2004 when you could only join if you had a email address ending in "edu". It was made by a student, ran by students, and geared totally toward student "networking" (read: internet whoring). Then somewhere along the line Facebook pulled a Myspace and sold out. Now there's three piece suits running the show, advertisers "suggesting" you join their pages, and potential employers not only reviewing your resume, and asking about experience; their also looking all those drunken shirtless photos your friends took of you that "one time in undergrad". Facebook lost it's touch awhile ago, and while everyday I tell myself it's time to cut it loose, I can't. It's not because I'm friends with so many people I want to keep in touch with (because I don't), and it's not that I need a place to store my photos (that's what external hard drives are for); no, the only reason I'm still attending daily Crackbook sessions is for one thing:

That damn "Like" button.

I LOVE the Like button! It's the perfect way to say it without having to actually say anything. If I "like" your shirt, but hate your photo I can just Like it and save myself the hassle of having to explain myself. It's the laziest way to show someone you care. I've even taken my love to the streets and have recently begun simply stating "Like" when I dig something or have nothing of value to say. UK based design company Nation obviously knows how I feel and have created not only a Like stamp, but also a Dislike version as well. Total effing WIN! Now not only do I have the option to Like something, I can also use Dislike which is an element I've been waiting for Facebook to produce. This is totally going to come in handy when I get a bank balance I don't care for, or deal with needy ass attention seeking people!

Add to baggggg!

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  1. that is actually amazing...where did you get them??
    p.s. i love your blog :))


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