google apparently thinks i'm a lesbian.

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A friend of mine tweeted me this revelation today. He was Googling me (I'm not entirely sure why), and when he put my name into the search engine it suggested I was into girls. I wonder if there really is a Donna Lesbian. I mean I can totally see how they'd come to that conclusion seeing as my middle name LeSean DOES resemble the word lesbian. And come to think of it, I'm very close to my vagina best friend Katya which can sometimes border inappropriate, and I do happen to be involved with Jennifer Farris on Facebook, but then again grabbing a friends boob every now and then is totally legit, right? Google seems to think this makes me a lesbian. It doesn't, but it sure is fun to watch a search engine determine your sexual preference.

Google sure got it wrong though...


  1. Kinda love that google thinks you are a lesbo.
    Kinda love that you are married to Jenn.
    Kinda love that my blog comes up when your name is googled.
    Kinda love that my blog is purpled out because you've been checkin up on me.

  2. There's nothing to be ashamed of, D! I'm a lesbian too.

  3. @kayta: i don't check up on you. i stalk you.

    @kevin: O i'm sure you are a little lesbian hahaha!

  4. Yo, I'm so happy my Google search inspired a post. lmao

  5. If I block my grandmother, can we get married again? Sorry Katya.


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