crack in a cup| espresso + ice cream = magic!

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::Disclaimer:: I am by no means good around anyone's kitchen, namely my own, but when it comes to coffee related items you can bet I'm the queen of creating things that sound incredibly gross, but turn out to be pretty tasty. This is no different...

Today after a difficult day dealing with difficult jobs and even more difficult people, I decided to head over and have a small visit with my friend and fellow broke college student Bryan who always manages to lift my spirit with his dry humor and sarcasm. During our conversation Bryan and I had the brilliant idea to cook up something that manages to sound disgusting, but is pretty good and extremely easy to make. A couple weeks ago Bryan shared with me this yummy recipe which puts a bit of a caffeinated spin on the classic root beer float. This recipe I affectionately refer to as : Crack in a Cup. This delicious confection is comprised of the following materials.

1 16 oz cup chilled
1 pint of very fattening vanilla ice cream
1 bottle of extra caffeinated root beer
1 shot of crack...I mean espresso

Place the shot of espresso into the chilled cup first. This protects the precious ice cream from melting prematurely. After you've got the shot into the glass, fill the chilled cup up about half way with root beer. Beware of fizzing! Root beer and espresso make a volital combination; kind of like Rihanna and Chris Brown. Once the fizzing from the root beer and espresso subsides, fill that sucker up with the fattiest ice cream you can find. Voila! Crack in a Cup!

After a long and difficult day, nothing makes me feel more like myself than good conversation with a friend and large amounts of caffeine and sugar.


  1. I'm gonna need to try this ASAP, I hype all sortsa coffee flavored shit. :)


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