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I read awhile ago about a project a friend of mine did in 2008 where he shot a self portrait everyday of that year. That's 365 photographs documenting all 365 days in his year (in case you didn't figure that out). It didn't matter where he was, or what was going on that day, he always managed to email me his daily picture. The endeavor ended up being pretty amazing, needless to say; I've always been pretty impressed with those who can discipline and commit themselves to doing the same thing everyday, even something small like take a picture of themselves. I'm way too scatterbrained for that.

Lukes Beard decided to do something similar, only this time taking a lyric from a song everyday and creating art or taking a photograph inspired by that lyric. I learned about this last week and check every day for a new lyric. Could you imagine doing this everyday? Whoa. [lukesbeard]

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