sam edelman: the joss boot.

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I tend to want things sometimes. Normally these things are far beyond my financial reach, inevitably causing disappointment, but eventually I get over it because 9 times out of 10 I find something else I want that I can actually afford, then just buy that. With that being said, because my career as a freelance journalist/writer/professional smart ass has been going extremely well, I'm able to buy the things I can afford and even sometimes the items beyond my reach. Enter: the Sam Edelman Joss Boot currently at $180 on Shoe Box New York. Dying!!!!! I love them. I want them. Add to fuggin bag.

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  1. I just got these in brown, and let me tell you... kind of a bummer. They look much cheaper in person that the above photograph! I'm debating keeping them & attempting to have them re-dyed or just return them.


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