the new jodie foster?

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Dakota Fanning was a awkward looking child. Overlapping teeth, thin hair, bug eyes. People use to get so mad when I said that, but come on, it's true. She's a brilliant actress, probably even more brilliant because she had her first big film and a matching Golden Globe nomination by the time she was seven. Unlike Emma Watson, who was that cute kid you knew would translate into a beautiful woman; Dakota has grown into her looks seemingly overnight. At only 15 she's a knockout!
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Word has it she's done a Natalie Portman, and actually goes to a regular high school where she's a varsity cheerleader. Nothings cooler than when younger celebrities don't get wrapped up in the glitz and glamour and decide to lead normal lives. I'm thinking about going against everything I believe in and breaking down to see Twilight just because she's in it. Lord knows I wouldn't pay ten bucks to see anyone else in that film. [zimbo]

PS. Those shoes are sickkkkk!

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  1. OH wow i was just thinking what did Dakota go and turn 20 like allofasudden? nope, im just out of touch haha. She looks great! She's not actin too grown, taking nude photos, or just leaving rehab, so i'm diggin her.


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