preen line available @ net-a-porter.

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Back in 2008 when Preen decided to create their more affordable diffusion collection Preen Line, I was super excited. For the resort collection online luxury retailer Net-a-Porter bought several exclusive pieces which have already sold out on it's site. Although the pieces are adorable (and I hate that word), the prices don't fall far from that expensive ass tree Preen and other labels hang from. One thing that's always confused me is when labels create diffusion lines with what they claim is affordable pricing, so that a wider variety of people can covet their clothing. What really happens is that the pricing turns out to be a couple hundred dollars less than their more expensive counter parts, so the same people who could afford the original brands clothing end up buying their diffusion lines. So to put it in words we all can understand: By creating diffusion lines with products only bought by the financially able, are luxury brands just creating OTHER luxury brands?

I love Preen and I love Preen Line, but these prices are outrageous. [net-a-porter]

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