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Although I really hate reading gossip sites, I can't ever stop myself from seeking their slimy knowledge (cough) every solitary day from the inner sanctums of my bedroom after my first cup of coffee and before I take a shower. With that being said, you can learn a lot from gossip blogs. Not that any of the information they claim to have found should be taken serious, but you can learn more reading those seedy sites, than any watered down magazine. Today I learned that GIANT magazine has closed their doors for good. I'm not entirely sure if it's true, but if it is this disturbs me for various reasons:

1) When I decided that I wanted to work for a magazine I made a list of the top ten publications I'd like to start and finish my career at. Of these ten publications, three (Missbehave, Vibe, and now GIANT) have already shut down. What's a girl to do?! Vogue may be the job "a million girls would kill for", but I've never been one of those girls. It seems limited and a little far fetched. Plus I think Vogue is boring and repetitive (don't act like it isn't true).

2) As we all know the age of print publication is dying. Actually, I think it's cold dead body is already in the ground. We can't even blame it on the economy anymore, people just aren't buying magazines like they use too. That scares me because I relied heavily on magazines such as GIANT, Missbehave, and Vibe for inspiration, and now that they're gone it makes me wonder whose next, Complex? Interview?

I think a lot of people would be surprised at how many magazines I have just laying around my house. I collect them, I keep them, I reference them. I've got stacks of Vanity Fair, NYMag, Interview, V, and W magazines covering the walls of my bedroom keeping me company. I even framed the cover of the last issue of Missbehave...I'm THAT crazy.

R.I.P. GIANT. You may be gone, but the three years of issues I've got laying beside my bed will keep me company until you return.

I'm going to go cry now.


  1. This is why you and me vibe well, because GIANT was one on my list of 'Man, Id Love To Write For Them Someday'. That makes me hella sad, real talk.


  2. That is really sad, especially since GIANT mag was such a great publication. And much love for Missbehave. ): If Interview goes..... consider me dead too.


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