limited edition experiences @ miami design district.

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Limited edition product from top designers is such a hit or miss with me. Unless I'm completely dedicated to that designer (Proenzaaaa!) I find that limited editions create unnecessary hype around products that are altered in the tiniest of ways. Plus it sucks when you wait until the product in question is released only to find after hours upon hours of waiting by your laptop to click that 'add to bag' button, your precious limited edition Nooka watch is already sold out. If by now your wondering have I ever experienced the aforementioned angst, you'd be correct. But I'm not bitter...Not at all...

Limited Edition Experiences is bringing heavy hitting fashion houses to the Miami Design District to present unique temporary stores, programming and events full of limited edition items from designers such as Billionaire Boys Club, Gucci, Christian Dior Homme, Neon Monster, and my all time favorite Proenza Schouler. Designers will present limited edition merchandise plus innovative programming that reflect their creative viewpoints. Stores open November 30th and will remain open through the fall/winter season. Captured above is one of the products Fendi will be selling. It's a Do-It-Yourself Fendi bag! [MDD]

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