h&m goes online. word?!

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One of the things that I hate most in the world is when I see something I like and can't buy it online. As much as I love fashion and all it's little components, I hate shopping and I hate malls. Since my laptop is almost guaranteed to be glued to my hand during 80% of my day, naturally shopping online is the most convenient way for me to obtain the things I want without having to do extensive research for them. For the longest time one of my favorite retailers H&M didn't sell their goods online, but according to Grazia that is changing. H&M recently announced that their merchandise will be online beginning Autumn 2010. That's a year away, but honestly I can wait. I've waited this long already, what's a year going to do.

Omg I can already see my bank account depleting...


  1. Haha oh word?!?!? Now that is some good news! We got some good news in Phx, there's one opening here and the date is set for Nov.5th, which is dope.

    I actually applied for a job there last night, I don't know if they hired everyone they need, but CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR ME. That I at least here back, even if they don't want me. LOL.


  2. @rio totally praying for you, because then I can come to AZ and get that discount lol

    @rachel YES! worldwide!!!


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