the swagga shoe. who thought this was a good idea?

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This is one of those things that make you stop and ask yourself "Is this really happening?"....

Day 26, the band of boys put together by hit maker (pause and let that soak in for a moment) Sean P Diddy Combs, has released a shoe for it's predominately female fan base called the 'Swagga Shoe'. No I'm not joking, it's really called that. The shoe is apart of a line of footwear created by the group called Eight 2 Six (nice play on words and numbers guys!) and is specifically being sold at Heels.com has left me with many questions.

1) Why? - I'd like to open hand slap anyone who thought this Roberto Cavalli esq shoe (circa 2000) was a good idea. With powder. For starters this shoe is $99.99 but looks as though it should be on the sale rack at Forever XXI. Secondly, is the red sole a la Christian Louboutin suppose to make me believe this is a luxury item? Really? Is there some sort of contract artists sign stating that on top of their duty as mediocre hit makers they are also to design something...anything really. Seems like in order to be a designer one must first release an album.

2) Swagga? - Are people still using this word? I thought it we'd replaced it with something more suitable and not so dried out and over used. Once upon a time swagga (or in perfect grammar: SWAGGER) was something people aspired to, that thing that put you on another stratosphere of cool. Now when I hear swagga or see a product associated with the word my gag reflexes go into overdrive. I seriously throw up a bit in my mouth.

3) Fans? - I'm not really a Diddy band fan, this includes Day 26 and excludes the Danity Kane albums I have stashed under my bed (hence the 'not really' a fan thing), therefore this shoe does nothing for my excitement level. Surprisingly enough (or not so surprisingly depending on who you ask), when I looked up the reactions of the Day 26 female fan base most of the women instantly fell head over heels (pun intended) for this product. But I've got to ask: was it because of the shoe itself or were they having visions of Q's lips and Willies 8 pack? Do these women really love this shoe, or the men that have their name stamped on it? Hmmm

If you love this Swagga (gag) Shoe you can purchase the product at Heels.com. It also comes in a iradecent silver and black (plastic)leather.

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