janet jackson for harper's baazar october 2009.

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Janet Jackson hasn't watched the news in months. And with good reason. The media attention surrounding the greatest entertainer of our time, her brother Michael Jackson hasn't always been in warm regards. I pointed out to my Dad a couple of days after his untimely death how media sources would always start their tributes with his achievements, how he changed the face of music, but would end with by citing his bizarre behavior; mostly analyzing his unfortunate child molestation case. It all seemed shady to me, like people lived to see the underdog rise, but love nothing more than to watch that star fall.

Janet covers next months issue of Harper's Baazar shot by Tom Munro, and talks about her disconnect with the world after Michael's death, and how work has been the best way to channel her grief. She's working on Tyler Perry's second installment of "Why Did I Get Married?", as well as working on an album said to be released this spring.

I'm super happy to see her as public as you can possibly be after the death of a family member. This Sunday (September 13th) Janet will be headlining a tribute to MJ on the VMA's. Can't wait!

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  1. she's been gone for too long...i guess this is the perfect timing for her to come back, how ironic.


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