live hood rich with the mattress wallet.

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I watched this movie once where this lady spent 30 years saving money in her mattress. One day her son comes by and notices her mattress looks lumpy and old, so when the lady leaves to run errands her son goes out to surprise her with a replacement mattress. Obviously the surprise didn't go well because when the little old lady returned home she had a shit fit about her mattress being replaced and hauled off to God knows where. Why you ask? Because over the span of 30 years that little old lady managed to collect about $600,000 worth of 1 and 5 dollar bills.

I'm not sure if stuff like this happens now, but I wouldn't be surprised. My grandma use to hide money all over her house, just not in the mattress. I'm guessing because that generation lived through the Great Depression, their trust in financial institutions was null and void. Now that we're basically living through the same thing, someone had the BRILLIANT idea to create the Mattress Wallet! It's the mattress full of money that you can actually take with you. Comes complete with 4 credit card slots, enough room for pesos, yen, dollars, or euros, and a anti theft warning.

"Less risky than the stock market, and more mobile than your mattress at home, the Mattress Wallet is the savvy investors choice."

Seriously, whoever came up with this is a genius. A GENIUS! [themattresswallet]


  1. my grandfather was a big time gambler back in the day (horse racing was his vice), so every time he had a win he'd give it to my nan and she'd hide the money in tins which were buried all over the back yard....!!!! i didn't know why as a little kid THAT is why they had a metal detector hahaha.....


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