holy girl crush, natalie portman is amazing!

I just got through reading Natalie Portman's interview with Interview Magazine where she talk to Jake Gyllenhaal about her childhood fear of the Smurfs, her night out with Jay Z where they went to a laser show, and her favorite food: Carvel ice cream cake. The interview, although super random at times, was so refreshing. I've always admired the way Interview conducts their interviews. By having a celebrity interview another celebrity, it lets us have a peek at a different dimension of that person. The celebrity seems more relaxed, open, and more fun than if they were talking to a journalist where all their answers can sometimes seem calculated and predictable.

Probably the best portion of Portman's interview was when Jake asked her what song describes her current state. Her answer was:

PORTMAN: My current state . . . I’m trying to think of a song that feels like sleepwalking. [laughs] I don’t know. I’ve mostly been listening to dirty rap lately. That’s sort of my scene.

GYLLENHAAL: Your affection for dirty rap is something that people really don’t know about you, which I think is fascinating. You do incredible things for the world, and then you listen to just completely obscene hip-hop music.

PORTMAN: Really, really obscene hip-hop. I love it so much. It makes me laugh and then it makes me want to dance. Those are like my two favorite things, so combined . . . I’ve been listening a lot lately to “Wait (The Whisper Song)” by the Ying Yang Twins, where the lyrics are like, “Wait ’til you see my dick”—which is just amazing because it’s whispered. [whispers] “Wait ’til you see my dick . . . ” [laughs] Crazy. So I just listen to it like I’m a five-year-old, like, “Oh my god! I can’t believe he just said that!”

GYLLENHAAL: It’s interesting that you think the lyric “Wait ’til you see my dick” describes your current state. I think people are learning more about you right now then they ever have in an interview. I’m proud of that.

Every time I think of Natalie Portman I think of that SNL skit she did where she rapped and threw chairs at people. SO COOL! [interview]


  1. HOW AMAZING would it be if during this interview they discovered they were IN FACT SOULMATES and got together to make hundreds of little gyllenhall-portman superactor babies? i would go just a tiny bit spaz if they did.

  2. Jake and Natalie are friends for 10 years, they are both Jews, they are liberals, they are actors ... but I think that Natalie doesn't want babies with a gay guy.

  3. u think he's gay? lol isn't he dating reese witherspoon or something?


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