taylor tomasi.

Aside from being the Accessories Editor at Teen Vogue, Taylor Tomasi is one of my style heroes. Every time she's on a street style blog like Jak&Jil or the Satorialist, I cut, paste, and save her photos because she's super inspirational. This is probably going to sound a little weird, but I absolutely LOVE the way she layers things. She makes it look so effortless.

"My best tip for jump starting a career in fashion is to take an internship very seriously -- and if you love where you are working, try to stay there as long as possible. Showing initiative may lead to something more. Working in fashion, however is not always as glamorous as what you see on television. It's very demanding, high stress environment -- but if you thrive under pressure, it may be the perfect fit for you."


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  1. I agree, she makes every outfit look easy but I know I couldn't EVER think of matching together the things she does.


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