neurogasm. as in orgasm?

So I was pursuing around the internet last night, and I stumbled on a review for these "Neuro" drinks, but the only one that stood out to me was the one called Neurogasm. Why you ask? Well because when was the last time you saw a beverage that had a name similar to a bodily function meant to make you...well...you know. Anyway, hopefully you can understand my confusion...as well as my interest in learning more.

After further research I found out that Neurogasm use to be meant to increase sexual performance, but because someone got their granny panties all in a bunch, the bottle now just says it's meant for 'body performance'....Oh I know what that means (wink wink).

Still it would be kinda funny to walk now the street with an orgasm in your hand. Literally, sorta, not really...


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