elizabeth & james fall 2009 footwear.

The Olsen twins have a special place in my heart. Aside from practically growing up with them (or at least I like to imagine I did), and having our birthdays be a couple of weeks apart, I've grown to have the biggest girl crush on them both. Their clothing line Elizabeth & James is another story. I understand looking like the birth child of a homeless couple, while paying the ridiculous price tags often associated with this trend, is the new 'it' thing to do, but Elizabeth & James never really did it for me. There are pieces that I love, but most of it I hate. The price points don't help either. If I really wanted an over sized button up, do you really think I'd buy one that's $250? Really?

With their second venture into footwear (my favorite!), this season it looks like they stepped it up A LOT. Granted you still have your sour thumbs of ugliness, but overall, I like...


  1. The lace booties are okay....but I'm not too crazy over this installment.

  2. Wow! Another fabulous collection of footwear for women. Nice color and design. Beautiful shoes looking very amazing and cute. I love read this blog as it brings vast knowledge and experience. Keep up updating the post regularly.....


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