can it fit in my back pocket?

I've been looking for a new bike for awhile now. I can't seem to find one that has the exact color, the exact weight, or the exact price range to fit my empty budget, but I digress. I've seen a couple bikes in the past month that I want to fold up and take home with me, but I never thought twice about it, because after all, what bike actually folds. Right?

Today via the coolest gadget magazine ever, Like COOL, I learned that there is such a bike, a folding bike that is, and it was produced by 24 year old student Dominic Hargreaves, from London. I guess good ol' Dominic created this nice (read: AMAZING!) bike after the one he had collapsed. The bike can be folded completely into the space of the wheel. Naturally this thing is only one of a kind, but I hear he's in conversation to mass produce the amazing folding bike. I think when I get my hands on or anywhere near this, I may cry tears of eternal joy...


  1. omg that's amazing!!! so great because bikes can be a pain to store. it also reminds of the time my crazy columbian spanish teacher senora chavez bought this expensive ass bike that you could lift with like ur finger because it was so light...and the week after she showed us the bike catalog she got into an accident in the mountains, but she still wore her burberry with her arm cast


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