wives of famous athletes wear the darnest things.


I've had a bone to pick with Vanessa Bryant ever since I saw her in a jersey, purple tutu, leggings, a leather jacket, and ankle boots...ALL AT ONCE. I've never understood her style. Seeing as she is the wife of one of the most accomplished athletes of our time, you think she'd look a little better stepping out of the house, right? Yea, well I thought that too...

I was talking to some guy friends who love playing my antagonist in situations like these. These said friends couldn't understand why I was being so hard on Vanessa Bryant. I mean after all, maybe she's not so much into fashion like I am, maybe she doesn't know the awkward way she dresses herself is indeed WRONG, maybe she just doesn't care...Well, you know what, I hope she doesn't care. I hope that the Manolo's, the tutu's, the bedazzled jeresy dresses circa 1999, and the sequin body suit with her tata's hanging out for the world to see, make her happy. Because if it does, that means those hideous outfits actually meant something. I doubt it though...

If you look hard enough your eyes will burn.
(Ok that was mean...sorry)

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  1. Before I read, Im just going to comment on my noticing the picture!! UGH!! My eyes are so big at the sight of her disrespectful attire lol. Seriously, is she representing her man or a circus? Idk, but if I were Kob, I'd definitely let her know about herself. Give her a list of DOs && DO-NOTs. A got darn shame. On a lighter note- the kids are the cutest =).


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