so i guess you want to be compared to grace jones?


Is Rihanna the new Grace Jones. Are the hair cut, the mean & surly looks, the dominatrix outfits, all to achieve this obvious goal. And lets say that someone does dub her the new Grace Jones, are Grace Jones fans everywhere willing to stand on chairs and tables, and shout from the rooftop what a joy this news is.

I'm not so sure, but then again these are just my opinions. With the world (or at least the Twitter world) going ape shit over Solange Knowles' hair cut, and tweeting about celebrities suddenly cutting their very fake hair very short, I got to thinking. Why do we as people try do hard to be like everyone else around us? While it's alright to be inspired by someone it's 10x better to do your own thing your own way. No one seems to be doing that these days, and it makes me very sad.

Probably the best tweet I read today, came from my pal Michelle:

"Why is it that EVERYONE wants to talk about "their swag" but when a person is TRULY standing out everyone hates on it? Really?!"

I already have a Grace Jones, I don't need another one...

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