kevin & brittney obligatory weekly boob shot: #1


femme fatal

After posting a Brooke Nipar photo on here last week, I got an alarming amount of people either giving me the internet side eye or internet applause for the picture itself, so I did what any normal person would have done: I blocked out the side eyes and just focused on the applause.

The two people to applause me the most were Kevin and Brittney, pals of mine from my good ol' KSU days. Throughout our facebook driven banter about the boobage in the photo (and about fried chicken from Popeyes), I kind of roped myself into posting an boob shot every week for them. Its quite easy to find editorals or photograhy in general that flaunt the breast as a work of art. I like to think of boobs as the ultimate accessory of a model, because they always seem to have them out...Hmmm

So here's to Kevin & Brittney. Hope you like the tits!


  1. Aww, no nip slip. Lol. They look soft though. Thanks!

  2. if you're good maybe i'll giv you a nip slip next week. BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE GOOD!

  3. these are nice ! cant wait for the nip slip ! ;)) *applause*


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