pharrell becoming a dirty old man.


I haven't been paying an attention to Pharrell recently. I think I've gotten over my intense crush over him, so I guess that's lead me to not really care anymore about his day to day activities. But today I noticed this: Pharrell is starting to look like a dirty old man. The above picture screams this fact from the rafters, no? Maybe its the Samford & Son's hat, maybe he's trying to mature himself and step away from the whole BBC Ice Cream get up he's always seen in, or maybe I'm being a hater, whatever...He still looks like a dirty old man.

Nice mustache.


  1. I'd still make sweet love to him.

  2. I want the Neptunes man of yore, who rocked goofy tattoos, skated, and played the charming man-boy part so well! This new Pharrell is not that-- he's a dirty ol' man and i ain't down with it. NAGL, Skateboard P.


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