joe jackson: a case in parental fail.


I didn't put a picture of Joe Jackson on this post even though it's mainly about the guy, for the sheer fact that his face scares me. Serioulsy...scary.

Joe Jackson is the biggest case of Parental Fail for a bunch of reasons. Not only did he use his children to get out of a bad situation (thanks Beyonce for the quote), and vicariously live through them because he wasn't successful as a musician himself, he's now attempting to pimp his grandchildren.

I thought his incessant fuckery would stop now that MJ has been laid to rest, but looking back on that thought, I can see where I went wrong. Plugging his record label, and being open to vaguly speak about his son's death was just the tip of the iceberg for this guy. He's now gone on to achieve the task of closely watching which of Michael's children will follow in their fathers footsteps...with him pushing them the entire way. Who will be the cash cow this time Joe? Only time will tell, right?

"I don't know — I keep watching Paris. She … wants to do something. And as far as I can see, well, they say Blanket, he can really dance," Joe said.

Once a leech, ALWAYS a leech.


  1. UGH!!!
    Poor Michael, i saw his interview with Oprah and he said he would puke everytime he was expecting a visit from Joe.

    Its sad, but you cant change people, you can only hope for change.
    Joe's karma will arrive soon enough, if it hasn't already... which i guess it hasnt.

  2. I love that picture of Michael so much. He's just so ridiculosuly adorable. >_<

    I reall hope he was hugged like, a hundred times a day.

    Rest in Paradise Michael.


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