Hey look everyone, its Rihanna's nipple! This weekend Princess Glowstick, I mean, Rihanna, pulled a Lil Kim. As much as I love this girl, she never ceases to amaze me. A friend of mine pointed out that when Lil Kim pulled a pastie move at the Grammy Awards eons ago, everyone was shitty bricks for months, but Princess of all things 'trendy' does it, and I don't hear a peep. Hmmm... Is it because it's a different time and things are more acceptable? No, I think it's got something to do with the pedestal everyone places Rihanna on. Myself included (sometimes). People see her as a trend setter and a visionary of fashion, so when she pulls out her boob it's not a hood rat statement, its an emerging trend.

And now in the coming months I will count how many breasts I see and blame it on her.
via Necole Bitchie


  1. well she also had a blazer ontop, giving the illusion that she tried to be "modest". Kim just had the ta-tas all out and flappin' about!

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