james dean. mmm

am i the only person who thinks heath ledger was our generations james dean?
maybe i am, but think about it they both were well loved actors, and both died from their favored (for lack of a better word) vices, heath with drugs and james with fast cars. or maybe i'm losing it again.


  1. James Dean was a cool dude. I had that pic of him with his Porsche 550 Spyder on my twitter background for like a month...

    Too cool with that Porsche

  2. I like the new blog design btw... nice

  3. i agree...heath was definitely our james dean. He was sexy in a brooding way

  4. No way-Heath Ledger didn't become popular until he passed away, and James Dean was being compared to the greats even before his first movie came out.(Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift), and when his first movie did come out everyone was praising his acting and saying that he was going to be the next big thing, and that never happened with Heath.

  5. james dean is such a god!....good comparison with heath, but still, heath didn't become such an icon or symbol of rebellion or of anythng really. although, of course he was tremendously talented!


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