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I've started expanding my blog a bit these days. The new design, adding a couple more pages, trying to really make this place my main squeeze. With the additions and expansions, I got the bright idea to start to also put myself out there as a writer. I've always been the type of writer to only talk about my opinion, especially when it comes to The Diary of a Broke College Student. This has always been a place for me and by me, it houses everything I love and some of the things I hate all sprinkled with friendly (sometimes) funny (always) opinions.

During my journey on this blog, I've come to meet some really awesome people. Some of them I know from my life as a student, some from my life as a blogger, and some are my real life friends. They are all fantastic at what they do individually, and though their approaches to the game of blogging are all different, I value the opinion of all of them. They are my inspiration to keep blogging. From the more successful of the bunch, to the designers, all the way down to the amateur bloggers, they keep me going.

So I thought to myself, why not share the wealth. Thus the creation of the "the Diary of..." series of interviews I will be conducting so that they can share with you what their hustle is all about. Stay tuned, I've got some great people lined up...

Tee of Trend Doll
Jennifer Farris of Jennifer Farris
Meena Osei Kuffor of Gossip Me Style
Kayta Hackman of Musings of a Madwoman
Sarah Morrison of Sarah's Electronic Blog Ride
Katya of Ambition is the New Black
Loren & T. Hubb of Find Your Dreams

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  1. This is why you are gonna make it D. :) You have the best ideas out of many people that I've come across.
    I look forward to reading the interviews. <3


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