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In my short life thus far, I've been blessed with the unique ability to become friends with anyone. People I don't know, people I kind of know, and people who are friendly with my friends are all free game. I think this is most prevalent when I think about the way I met my next two interviewees.

Ok, get ready for a Brady Bunch story here kiddies:

During my last year at Kent State University where I solidified my role as a Broke College Student, and started this blog, I met Katya Philmore, who introduced me to Noah Traylor. Noah found his way into my big ol' heart the way any normal man would: his sneaker collection. After a year of giving random advice to Noah, and long talks on my front porch with Katya, I packed my shit, and left Ohio for good. This is where Loren Bates and Terrence Hubbard come into the picture. Being that Ohio is about as big as a New York city block, everyone knows everyone in some form or fashion. Noah knew Terrence and Loren. How? I'll never know, but that's not the point of this story.

Sometime at the beginning of the semester, when parties were off the hook and everyone wanted to look super dope for them, is when I spotted T & Loren. Noah hanging in the same social circle and loving everything that touched his body, would take pictures of them as a group to display their obvious freshness. Being that I'm an addict for the fresh, I took notice (and plus I thought they were both really cute...lol).

To make a long story short, I came to visit for my friend Danielle's birthday sometime in December and officially met Loren. Although rather reserved, some would even say shy, there is still something about him that can draw people to his presence. Confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and I think that's something Loren has going for him big time (even though I don't want to have sex with you). Terrence on the other hand, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, but I feel like we're kindred souls in a sense. He seems to have a deep sense of creativity, something I could tell when checking out the artists the boys feature on Find Your Dreams. Plus he's cute, so it helps (Ok I'm done I promise).

Alright, I've already written enough. Here's the point: Everyone thinks their special, yet everyone doesn't act like it, we don't set ourselves apart from one another. We do the same things, wear the same things, and act the same way. It's very rare that I find MEN who are willing to go above and beyond to set themselves apart from the pack and do what makes them happy. It's also very rare that I find men who do this as confidently as these two young men your about to learn about. They are a rare breed of gentlemen wanting to live out their dreams, and I'm so happy to call them my friends (or rather homies as Loren puts it HA!)

DEE: Tell me a little about yourself. Where you hail from, past and present involvement in blogs what you do now.

LOREN: Long story short... We attended Bedford High School in the middle class suburbs of Cleveland. Terrence & I both had algebra together in 7th grade where Terrence would often draw the Air Jordan shoes I was wearing at the time while in class; pretty funny now that we look back on it. When Terrence & I got to high school up until our senior year, we stayed in the same art programs which ultimately became the reason we became so close and ended up attending Kent State together, were from there we established that we wanted to create a clothing brand... fast forwarding a few chapters; after the addition of Lawrence Ellis, Noah Traylor, and Jason Horne we created Daydream.

Maybe later we can give you the whole nine on how the team was formed... If you play your cards right.

DEE: How did you get started in the blogging business and how long have you been at it?

We've been wanting to start the blog for over a year but we officially started the last day of February. We're still rookies, I guess?

DEE: What was your motivation for starting your blog?

BOTH: Giving the current state of dependence our society has for technology, there is no way we can expand our brand without the help of the Internet. So one of these apes got the bright idea to start a blog... So here we are.

DEE: Do you blog or write for any other magazines or websites?

BOTH: No other besides our Daydream blog and Things I Can't Afford

DEE: Any side hustles?

LOREN: Nope, neither of us are engaged in any "side hustles"... Just your typical broke college students. But I guess you could label Daydream as side hustle, once we start making money off of it. Noah on the other hand has many!

DEE: Who's your core audience (age, occupation, stuff like that)

BOTH: Basically the young adult, college crowd... But we don't discriminate. We're thankful just to be noticed.

DEE: If I asked a friend of yours to describe you, what would they say?

TERRENCE: Quiet. Some say shy, some say cool, I say I'm amazing. Some say artistic, some call me a rebel. I sometimes get that I'm a hippie. YESSSS!!!

LOREN: I'd love to know... But if I had to guess, I'd say original?

DEE: Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

LOREN: Kid Cudi, he's a Cleveland fellow just like myself and he's pretty funny. He gives us hope that we can actually escape from this God forsaken city. Ibn Jasper. He doesn't get the respect he deserves because he's in Kanye's shadow, so I like to hear what he has to say. Kanye of course to hear about upcoming tours, songs, and his infamous rants. And last but not least, the people I know personally. Its nice to follow peoples blogs that you actually have interactions with. Some people tend to be more open on they're blogs then they do in an actual conversations.

DEE: What blogs do you read on a regular basis?

TERRENCE: On the regular I check out DAYDREAM (that blog is f-ing awesome), kanyeuniversecity, kidcudi.com/news (Cleveland rep. yesssss!!!), Hypebeast, LOUDreams, bbcicecream, Highsnobiety, and Twitter of course lol.

DEE: What do you write about the most for your blog?

LOREN: We cover it all. Anything that catches the eye basically... I specialize in cars, houses, Jordans... that whole get up. T on the other hand mainly dabbles in Art and Noah covers celebs, sports, and news. As a whole we post clothing, videos, music, gadgets. If it inspires us, you'll see it.

DEE: If you could write a guest post for any blog what would that blog be?

TERRENCE: BBC's blog... "I can relate to them more."

LOREN: The Hundreds... "The obvious answer would be Kanye's blog or Hypebeast simply for exposure... But I'm just not that obvious, plus The Hundreds are more personal."

DEE: Can you give me a link to your favorite blog post you've done. Doesn't have to be a very popular one, just your favorite.

BOTH: The way our blog works, you can't post links to an individual post (for some reason?) but, our favorite post was the Air Yeezy camp out sneak peak. It was our first personal blog post, different from the normal posts about fashion and music. We informally introduced ourselves to the world... or at least our 5 viewers.

DEE: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

TERRENCE: Hopefully successful, and designing.

DEE: Any specific tips you have for new bloggers who want to make it in the blogosphere?

TERRENCE: "Be original & post frequently."

DEE: What does the future hold for you and your blog?

TERRENCE: "The future holds world domination!!!"

LOREN: "Basically what Terrence said, but the politically correct thing to say I guess would to be successful... You don't blog because your bored, you blog becasue you want to be noticed. At least in our case."

TERRENCE: O yea. Peace and Love by the way.

LOREN: You remember that scene from "Almost Famous" where right before his interview, Russell tells William off the record... "Just make us look cool." Haha...

Sure you do.

For more information on my favorite boys be sure to check out:

Find Your Dreams
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  1. I read this allll the way thru, because if it's coming from D., I always do.!

    LOL. I liked this interview alot,, I liked what your 'friends/homies' had to say. Legit dudes.

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