the camel hump clothing line.

So I guess for Beyonce and her bedazzlement lovin' mother Tina Knowles, having a record called I Am (dramatic pause) Sasha Fierce, just wasn't enough. The dynamic fashion duo (cough) is gearing to create a line of clothing for the back to school season based around Beyonce's noted alter ego Sasha and her costumes from her tour designed by Therry Muglier. Get ready ladies, for black body suits, fake costume jewlery, and lots of big collars. GO TEAM!

I'm not excited at all about this news. When House of Dereon came onto the scene for a brief moment I had a feeling it would do great and wondrous things, and we all know how that ended. If the failed attempt at creating a successful clothing line wasn't enough to put the cork back in the bottle Mama Tina and Bey are obviously drinking out of, I don't know what the hell will do it...

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